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In a highly competitive environment using a mentalist for your corporate event brings people out of themselves  and brings them to be in focus with each other. It can be a great way to attract attention to your product or business and to create a buzz around your environment.
Marom is able to promote your business with many stunning effects that can also be adapted to fit your brand and staff.
A performance during a corporate event can take place in many ways, from a cabaret event where Marom performs a breathtaking show that is custom tailored for your clients/staff, to a cocktail party where Marom will walk around the venue and will entertain your guests, break the ice and keep the energy high and positive. Marom can even use his effects in order to promote a new product you have just launched.
Corporate events are a fantastic way to demonstrate the style and spirit of your business and to raise
motivation and the togetherness within your company.
Marom can craft sets precisely aligned to your event, whether it’s an event for your clients or staff, a launch for a new product,an exhibition or even fashion show.
Use Marom’s amazing show to add depth to the occasion and ensure that your clients and staff will enjoy an amazing interaction and have them talking about the event for years to come!

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