Marom Mor who is one of the leading Mentalists in this field, uses his well-honed skills into an innovative presentation that is custom-tailored to the needs of your guests and the event that you are planning. Throughout the years Marom has performed at literally every kind of event you could think of, from corporate events, Christmas parties and birthday celebrations to private dinner parties, VIP events, Bar-miztvas, celebrity functions and even as a wedding mentalist on your special day.

Over the years Marom has dedicated his life to learning the extensive study of body language, telekinesis and mind reading techniques in order to bring to his show to the highest quality of performance. The recognition of his talent, has allowed him to perform at the most exclusive venues and for the top corporations around the world. All of Marom’s innovative, breathtaking effects and his charismatic, dynamic personality,  make him a top class performer.

Every event is interactive and unpredictable, therefore you are guaranteed that you and your guests or clients will be entertained.

Marom’s performances have even caught the eye of Uri Geller, the world famous Mentalist, who has praised Marom for his outstanding abilities and said- If you want to be amazed book Marom Mor -he is unreal



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