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Marom’s performances are ideal for any event from a Wedding, Bar- mitzvah, Birthday party, Work gathering and even a House Party. In order to make your private event unforgettable, there are a number of recommended performances that Marom experts in:


Close up
A close-up performance could be at any occasion, in a function room or lounge or even around dinner tables. This close up allows you and your guests a personalized tailor fitted performance that is customized to your audience. The close up can be for as long as you want according to the theme of you event or occasion .During the meal, in-between courses Marom will visit each table giving them their own personal show and ensuring that everyone is thoroughly entertained.
The close up can definitely break the ice at the event and will, without a doubt, provide fun and entertainment to all your guests.
This kind of performance also allows your guests to get the opportunity to get a close glimpse into the magic world of Marom and to learn some of the skills and effects that Marom uses.

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Throughout the years, Marom has specialized in big event shows and brings to this kind of performance some elements and effects that will leave your audience speechless. During this kind of show, your guests will be seated and be witnessing a breathtaking, entertaining show. Marom will be able to read people’s minds, move objects from far, bend spoons and forks with his mind, smash wine glasses just by looking at them and will use psychological effects and many more effects that will amaze your crowd. Marom uses humor and style that is custom tailored to any event and involves volunteers from the crowd which creates a kind of intimacy and greatly contributes to the night.

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Cocktail party

Both entertaining and mysterious, Marom will mingle among your guests showing them some card tricks, bending spoons and forks with his mind and mind reading. Without doubt, Marom will charm and delight your guests, breaking the ice and ensuring they are thoroughly entertained throughout the night.
This style of performance is ideal for any event and proves very successful during receptions and the gathering of the guests or when photos are being taken, keeping the energy high and positive, guests captivated and a reason that your guests will talk about your event for years to come.

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